GPS domain-containing GPCRs: (Biological Classification > Low Complexity Regions / Repeats > RefOG007) - G-protein coupled receptor form a large family of diverse integral membrane proteins that participate in various physiological functions. Members of this superfamily are characterized by a signature 7-transmembrane domain motif. Members of ROG007 share a GPS domain (for GPCR proteolytic site) that was initially identified in latrophilin (PUBMED:9920906). However, there is no evidence currently that this domain provides a cleavage site in the receptors of this ROG (namely GPR126, GPR114, GPR112, GPR56, GPR64 and GPR97). The members of this ROG are expressed in different cell types and under different conditions. For instance, GPR112 is expressed in normal enterochromaffin cells and in gastrointestinal neuroendocrine carcinoma cells (Leja et al, 2009), while GPR56 is implicated in the regulation of brain cortical patterning (Bai et al, 2009).
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