PLUNC proteins: (Biological Classification > Speed of Evolution > High > RefOG011) - PLUNC, a family of proteins encoded by adjacent genes found within a 300kb region of chromosome 20 and have been annotated as bactericidal permeability-increasing (BPI)- like proteins, are expressed in the mouth, nose and upper airways and might also function in the innate immune response (Bingle & Craven, 2004). Within the PLUNC family, the sequence identity is rather low, ranging typically from 16% to 28%, with LPLUNC3 and LPLUNC4 sharing a somewhat higher pairwise identity of 37% (Bingle & Craven, 2002), impeding the prediction of orthologous relationships among the members of the family. Since, the PLUNC family is involved in host defence against bacteria justifies the fast pace of its evolution (the MeanID of the ROG equals to 0.232, similar to the initial KOG4160).
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