C4-dicarboxylate transporter: (Biological Classification > HGT > RefOG071) - Bacteria contain secondary carriers for the uptake, exchange or efflux of C4-dicarboxylates. In aerobic bacteria, dicarboxylate transport (Dct)A carriers catalyze uptake of C4-dicarboxylates in a H(+)- or Na(+)-C4-dicarboxylate symport. Carriers of the dicarboxylate uptake (Dcu)AB family are used for electroneutral fumarate:succinate antiport which is required in anaerobic fumarate respiration. The DcuC carriers apparently function in succinate efflux during fermentation. The tripartite ATP-independent periplasmic (TRAP) transporter carriers are secondary uptake carriers requiring a periplasmic solute binding protein. For heterologous exchange of C4-dicarboxylates with other carboxylic acids (such as citrate:succinate by CitT) further types of carriers are used. [PMID:11803016]
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