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eggNOG (evolutionary genealogy of genes: Non-supervised Orthologous Groups) is a database of orthologous groups of genes. The orthologous groups are annotated with functional description lines (derived by identifying a common denominator for the genes based on their various annotations), with functional categories (i.e derived from the original COG/KOG categories).

eggNOG's database currently counts 224,847 orthologous groups in 630 species, covering 2,242,035 proteins (built from 2,590,259 proteins) of which 1,966,709 are annotated.

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What's New? This is version 2.0 of eggNOG - new orthologous groups and new features soon...
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eggNOG v2.0: extending the evolutionary genealogy of genes with enhanced non-supervised orthologous groups, species and functional annotations..
Muller J, Szklarczyk D, Julien P, Letunic I, Roth A, Kuhn M, Powell S, von Mering C, Doerks T, Jensen LJ, Bork P
Nucleic Acids Res.
Epub 2009 Nov. 9; PubMed: 19900971.